Organizer of the competition:

the Hungarian National Skating Federation (HNSF) and Ferencvárosi Torna Club (FTC) have the honour of inviting you to take part in the Santa Claus Cup 2021. The HNSF and FTC reserve the right to change the date, location, and program of the competition.

When submitting an entry all competitors acknowledge that due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation and public health issues the competition will be held with closed doors and no spectators.

Furthermore, competitors acknowledge that the Organizers have the solemn right to cancel the competition at any time or limit the number of competitors. The competitors also acknowledge that in case laws forbid it the Organizers are unable to hold the competition. Furthermore, in case the competition cannot take place due to legal restrictions or public health issues the Organizers bear no responsibility for any damage resulting from the cancellation and thus no claims can be made towards the Organizers. The Organizers are not obliged to assign a new date for the competition if it is cancelled because of the above-mentioned reasons. The competitors acknowledge that upon cancellation of the competition they do not have the right to claim back the already paid entry fee as the Organizers had various costs concerning the competition.


Practice Rink – Istvánmezei street 3-5, Budapest, H-1146 The competition will be held in the covered Practice Rink with an indoor ice rink measuring 30x60 metres and a moveable padding system. The compass of the track is 111.12 metres with curves of 8 metres as per the ISU Rules. During the competitions besides the standard track there will be 6 additional tracks with a displacement of 0,7 metre each, while the finish line for all distances is the same and only the starting place of distances 500 metres and 1500 metres will be changed.

  Guiding rules:

The competition will be carried out according to the International Skating Union’s (ISU) General Regulations 2021 in All Final system.


Announcement - Santa Claus Cup